Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Focus Is .....

Are you one of those ignited with the current situations--no matter what they may be. All we have to do is read the news, watch international clips, or talk with people through the Internet to understand that we do not live in a segregated world. The pain and struggles of one nation is no greater than another, in my humble opinion. And it takes all to succeed, some recover before others, but there is a common goal of survival.

I received an email from an associate that said their country was suffering much more than others in a particular area. It is difficult to find words to explain that when you are only focused on self, you miss the larger picture of a suffering world.

Governments of the world knew years ago that today would come. Actually, that the collapse of the international financial market would one day collapse but apparently were not prepared for the actual date and time. So why does the United States get accused of being the root cause of the world financial collapse?

We can, of course, point international fingers at the Bank of England, Central Banks, and the like, but the bottom line, America has put itself in the position of being the guardian of the world, the protector of all nations, the champion of the small countries. Now its like Goliath stubbed his toe and unable to fight right away. Or the hen hurt so the chicks have no place to hide under her wings.

These are world views but for those with a belief in God, there is not fear. With God all things are possible, and nothing too big. Our focus is in God, because of God, and through God. He rules, not man. But make no mistake about it--even the people of God can be taken into physical captivity because of the actions of the majority of the nation.

Never give up hope and desire. Never give up the freedom to think and believe.

Everything starts with one thought, one word, one step--make yours in the direction for success.


lynnmosher said...

Yes, ma'am! You said it! Thanks for the great words of encouragement to keep on truckin'! If we stand still, we stagnate. Blessings to you, sweet friend! Keep on a-writin'!

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for bringing it back to where our focus should be in every aspect! I always enjoy your writings even though I don't understand politics:)

keri wyatt kent said...

"The pain and struggles of one nation is no greater than another, in my humble opinion."
seriously? You think the pain and struggle of say, Rowanda, is no greater than the struggles of the United States? How does that fit in with Christ's call to compassion?

Susan Storm Smith said...

Christ's call to compassion is to see all as suffering, and needing the Savior. Without Him there is nothing. I have lived in Africa, had my life threatened many times, lived through the riots, and also the outcome of tribalism.

The point of this posting is that many people only see themselves as suffering, when we get out of the mindset of me and look at the world, we see a very different view.