Monday, October 27, 2008

If Today Is A Challenge, Get Refreshed--Watch

Sometimes in the challenges of our daily life we need to take a moment and just give God the praise and Worship. Tell Him thank you today .. He does show us how to make it through. NO evil shall come near my dwelling; and I shall praise the Lord with every breath that I have. Enjoy the videos, sing along, and get your praise and joy on! Hallelujah!! Nothing in our life is too big for the God we serve and call Father and Lord!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Contributed or Committed

As I have listened the past few days about the passion some people have in certain areas of their ministry, I am reminded today about one of mine. Last Thursday I posted a blog entitled, "Stereotypical--Not To God". It really speaks to one of my heart strings. Everybody knows a Dorothy and/or Don, children that are tossed to the side of the road like a used fast food sack or empty paper cup. The pharmaceutical industry worldwide is a thriving business, new drugs are formulated all the time to mask the symptoms of what cannot be healed with a pill.

In the 1980s I worked for a pediatric psych hospital and was shocked at the time to see so many young kids six and seven years old in lock-down. I will never forget a couple of the kids. One is a young boy in kindergarten. What a cutie he was. One of those little boys that should have had a smile and jumping around with some excitement. His parents were seemingly nice people. I say seemingly because you never know until they get into therapy or you get a relationship like a neighbor.

Their son, an only child, had been brought into the emergency room. Mom and dad in shock and awe that their son was bleeding and near death. The questions they had for themselves were very hard and direct. What could they possible have done to contribute to this precious child laying on a cold hospital table with monitors and tubes attached to him? They had planned to pour all their finances and influence into his day-to-day growth. Only the best was good enough for their heir. No other children had been planned. Now, this one chosen vessel was about to die.

Only a hour before he had been telling them about his day at school. How he liked his teacher, she was really nice and liked all the kids. There weren't any favorites, but that was okay, her love was more than enough to spread. Then he had started to cry as only a small boy or girl can when they try to explain the taunts and silly statements made by kids who are trying to find themselves at the expense of another.

Little "Don" went quietly into the his room after his parents told him to "buck up" . He took a stack of large books, placed a very sharp, large butcher knife between them and then with all of his force fell on them and wiggled. His scream brought his parents running. The damage had already been done.

I wept when I got the case on my desk, what could possible been so horrible to a six year old boy to want to commit suicide? It hadn't been the taunting of the day alone, but a long buildup of emotions that nobody had noticed. A child who felt useless and alone; not able to meet the demands of those whom he cared about their opinions of him.

In the following months of outpatient therapy, this young family found how they had contributed to their son's feelings of frustration and not able to measure up to a standard he felt unnecessary and harsh. Nobody had taken the time to ask him how he felt about it, or the pace at which he was able to travel the journey others had planned for him. It isn't just enough to keep the baby; we also need to cherish them for a lifetime.

At six years old, he was becoming a living abortion. A child who had breathed the air of this world, went to Sunday School, and was becoming a part of his peer group. But in the growing up had also learned to mask his hurt and frustrations until it exploded.

I could tell you a lot of stories about kids and youth who choose to abort their life. It wasn't in a clinic before their first breath, it was the fact that breathing and life was more than they could handle.

We all have a place somewhere in the life of other people. Be passionate about where God has placed you, and what he pulls at your heart strings. My passion is for those who have been given life, maybe was saved from an abortionists instruments, but was discarded anyway as a human being.

We can make a difference to somebody. My column each Thursday is about that..Differences Encouraged. Each week there is a challenge to make s a difference. Today, I ask you what pulls at your heart when you read the newspaper or hear the news? What are the stories that really get into your private space of "feeling" the situation? Perhaps that's where you can start doing ministry.

The other column and passion of mentoring is Ministry is a lifestyle--not a pulpit. It is what life becomes to you for the good of other people. Today, YOU make a difference to somebody. Make the most of it. They will be so glad you did.

love and hugs,
Bishop Susan

Friday, October 24, 2008

Global Meltdown Faster Than Global Warming

Pondering today the question of how much trust do people really put in the president of any country to solve their social problems? The markets of the world, and the "common folk" that have to survive in the Global Meltdown, are on a roller coaster of emotions, financial stability. In the United States we are wondering what the new presidency and congress will look like in a few months. Will there be anything that can be changed on the economic outlook that is positive?

Over the past few years, we have been forced to listen whether we believe it or not that the planet is being destroyed because of global warming. Guess what, so are other planets who do not have our lifestyle. But that's another blog. It is, however, part of the multi-billion dollar problem for all countries at the same time of financial global meltdown.

We blog it, talk about it over breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the subways, in the barber or salons, and everybody has become an armchair quarterback. The quarterback has a big stake in the outcome of the game--so we should be discussing it and writing your representative and senators.

Now back to the questions. How much of the reports in the media do you understand and agree or disagree with?

Question 1: President Bush is about to leave office unless he calls martial law, then he can stay in office and the elections won't mean anything. Can he make a difference in the few remaining weeks as he meets with other heads of State, global finance ministers and anybody and everybody that might have an answer to a global meltdown.

Question 2: Do you believe that it the global financial crisis is a result of poor management in the United States ONLY, or was it a calculated development to manipulate the world markets?

Question 3: Is global warming any part of the mix regarding the economic meltdown?

Questions 4: Do you trust man to fix the mess, or do you trust and know God? Believing that He is sovereign? Do you believe that the current global meltdown is a judgment on mankind?

Leave a comment, please no swearing or four letter words that most of us don't like to hear. Otherwise, what ya think?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Josh Hamilton--Beyond Belief Book Review

This is one book that has some many twists and turns, the reader isn't sure what is going to happen next. Josh Hamilton, a baseball prodigy that everybody thinks has a miracle life before him, based on a childhood passion.

That passion filters through the darkest of drug dens and nightmares. A miracle life demonstrates itself in unusual ways that would have killed most people if they had the same experiences. Everybody raving and giving high-fives because you're a $4 million dollar player can take its toll on a 19-year old. Instead of running the bases, Josh took a slide into the dark world of drugs and self-humiliation. But someone through the power of love showed him how to hit a home run that changed his life forever.

Tim Keown and Josh Hamilton tell a story that is Beyond Belief but also beyond baseball. It is beyond what man might expect and certainly more than a human can do for self. Whether you're a sports fan or not, if you like rooting for somebody to make it against all odds, this is a must read.

If you now somebody who wants to make a comeback from wrong choices of any kind, let them have the opportunity read this encouraging book. It's more than just a feel good story, it tells the truth of struggle, slipping and sliding, and the will to overcome.

Taking the Plunge!


This has been an awesome day! When you know you're on a roll, go ahead, take the plunge!

  • Differences Encouraged column tomorrow Oct 23rd come find out the special effect that happened for Dorothy? Who is Dorothy read about her tomorrow
A Musing Thoughts:

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's More Than Enough To Talk About!

Welcome to MUD Splats. The name is significant in that Mankind Under Development is ministry our name, but more importantly, it speaks to the condition we are all in--Mankind--Under Development. From the first breath to the last, we continually reach out for new experiences and test the environment. Sometimes we do okay, and other times, if you're like me you wish you would have made some other choices.

I have a lot of interests including politics, history, and world events. As CEO/President of an international organization, I am also passionate about teaching, mentoring and seeing people develop into their potential. You will find in the journey of this blog it will be inclusive of all the things that I am passionate about. My reading includes a daily mountain of international newspapers, blogs, reports, and oddball articles.

As a Christian, I am excited about biblical teaching and study. My history of faith development led me through the occult, cult, and world religions. So I'm sure we can find something to talk about (smile).

On the left you see two links. One is for Take Root and Write. I have two columns on that site: each Thursday the column Differences Encouraged is posted, and the second and fourth Wednesday Ministry Is A Lifestyle posts. I hope you will find these two columns an encouragement in your life.

November is going to be an intense month of words, gearing up for both the blog-a-thon, with
NaBloProMo; 30 days of consecutive days blogging. That reminds me of being back at a corporate position, can't call it a job because I was in my office more than my apartment. And 30-days of writing with NaNoWriMo, so I can get one of my books completed. That my friends is a lot of writing for the month of November! But I am up to the challenge.

Hey, you can also find me on Twitter and soon on Twitwall. so we can keep up with each other.

Well, that's a little about me, more later. Hope to see you next time, and be sure to tell your friends. With so much to choose from, you just never know what the topic of the day will be--don't you just love surprises!