Thursday, March 5, 2009


This morning on Twitter, @dcagle gave a link to a new cartoon for the change in the newspaper industry. After looking at it, letting it settle in my senses reminds me of another time in our history when people were really forced into a new way of life. Then the question arose within me, are we part of the change or trying to hold on to a past that is going to change anyway?

Think about when the colonists first came to America. There were no stores and shops like they were used to, no bakeries, no ... nothing. Started from scratch. America transformed into an industrial age, and then technology. History has recorded the bemoanings of people who said it wouldn't work. Well, some of us are old enough to remember booming industrial plants like the steel mills that have now rusted out and been torn down. Their time is over. Thousands of workers displaced, new training available but many just were unable for many reasons to grasp the new era.

We keep doing something until something no longer works. When products and venues change. Will I miss the local paper? Absolutely! It represents an era that I had gotten used to, could count and depend on.

We are in the age of greater information as the Bible so eloquently described--in the last days, information will multiply faster than man can comprehend. We are certainly seeing it. Even"Baby Boomers" have gotten on the Information Highway and now able to race along with the techies. Now I thank God for great software writers.

To all the political cartoonists, writers, journalists, editors, and many people who made the newspaper industry work; who gave us daily updates, got us thinking, and showed us the world even in back country USA--THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

Look for you in cyberspace, which apparently we all will be getting our daily dose of trivia, information, and even the local news. To those papers who still are on the stands, stay around, hopefully you'll stay around for a while longer.


Terri Tiffany said...

I get the Orlando Sentinel and bemoan the fact that it is getting thinner and thinner. Nothing like reading the paper first thing in the morning.

Pistolmom said...