Thursday, January 8, 2009

Success In the Box of Failures

"When the world says "Give up", Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
Author Unknown

I love the story of inventors and entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and even one of my favorites, Colonel Sanders and his famous chicken. Those around these persistent people often laughed, encouraged them to stop, telling them that they would never achieve what their minds saw as a legitimate product. Have you been there? I have, and sometimes I even gave in to the "stop". But then ...

I found as life continued on, the things that I stopped too soon came back to my mind and I picked many of the ideas up again. I had a new focus on the product. Life and new inventions that were in agreement with my idea helped push it along even better. The old idea that had been set aside was again viable--and working!

Without the inventions of Ford & Edison--would we have NASA? Would we put men/women into space? Would we have satellites that transmit our cellphones. Of that brings up Bell and the telephone. Your product may be the catalyst for the next generation of even greater!

Be encouraged today to look in the closet or box of "failures" and see what could be picked back up. Nothing is a failure, but an experience of what to do and not to do. Sometimes those that didn't work just might be your ticket to success now.

Remember--nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Tracy said...

Thank you for posting this, Susan. It really is a great message and one that I really needed. Blessings!