Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Safety For People Or Made To Be Human Shields

Today, after watching www.bbc.com and the video showing a hospital in Gaza, a greater burden has weighed upon me to speak out. This decision isn't even motivated by a religion belief in favor of Israel, it comes from a humanitarian view of Hamas and other Middle East countries that use their citizens as human shields.

A foreign doctor was interviewed who confirmed that most of the injured were men, women and children. But my question is, did they intentionally walk over the leaflets that announced their neighborhood was about to be bombed? A report on major news outlets have said that Israel droped leaflets letting people know their neighborhoods were next, and that they were ignored.

The Hamas leader who was killed by a bomb last week, stayed in his house with his four wives and children believing that surely they would not bomb civiliams. This is not the first time human shields have been used, Iraq was noted for this as well. But it is the human population that willfully walks over leaflets telling them to leave the areas because they are about to be bombed that has left me speechless.

Suicide bombers are one thing; people who, with full knowledge of what they are about to do, kill themselves and others, and/or cause great destruction. But in the name of life, how can anybody just walk over an announcement that your neighborhood is about to be bombed, and everybody killed and go on like nothing is happening? People know that Hamas leaders are in the neighborhood. They are warned, yet they stay. This is I don't understand.

Is there a brainwashing of all these people that says they are dying for the cause and that their death will bring them or their country honor? After all the years of war between Israel and Palestine, why aren't there any bomb shelters or places of safety for people to go to?

If tunnels can be made for smuggling in ammunition from Iran then surely if the Palestinians were concerned about their people, they would provide some sort of shelter for them but they have not--at least that I know about--and is reported "there is no place for them to go".

So in summary, Gaza/Hamas, it appears that you're using your own people as a human shield and allowing them to be killed for the sake of propaganda on the international stage at the suffering they are going through. You say, "Look how many are injured and dead", and yet, you have not taken any steps to provide protection for them. But you did make the provision for your ammunition. Which in the name of your god is more important--I guess we have the answer.


Dan Mosqueda said...

2 Points:

1. International law clearly prohibits using human shields. The IDF is justified in hitting targets regardless of the "shields" if it is a valid military target.

2. Hamas understands the more Palestinians that die is far more important than how many Jews they kill. They use these "martyrs" to gain sympathy from the media and other nations. This is a common tactic and it works, unfortunately.

If Mexico were doing this to San Diego, we'd plow them into the ground. Israel is justified in defending itself despite the Goebbels like propaganda of Hamas.

Anonymous said...

I find everyone wanting Israel to have a cease fire with Hamas very
disturbing.Hamas has stated they will not stop till the land has been returned and in the mean time we will make your life a living hell.
Yes satan has his ways and the Hamas
leaders are taking their orders stright from hell.
I feel isral has every right to be doing what their doing and more.

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

I agree. What are they thinking? And if they choose to stay can you feel sorry for them? I also agree they use these people to gain sympathy and SADLY it works. That is the exact reason everyone is calling for Israel to stop defending themselves. Pure madness.

Anonymous said...

This is the work of a cult leaders. They are not interested in their people or children to live. Interested in only all to die. I agree with Susan. They are taking their orders straight from Hell. The deceiver.

Very hard to watch the children being so badly hurt. It is a blood bath. I cannot watch it. My heart cries for the children and the people.

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for your encouragement to me yesterday on my post! It meant alot!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Susan, believable or not, countries and people do play the martyr to advance a political and economic agenda. I can see how you would say that these people's decision to remain is questionable since they were told they would be bombed. On the other hand, did they have somewhere else to go? I don't have all the answers and don't have enough knowledge about it, but I know that things aren't always as clear cut as they seem.

Tracy said...

Absolutely! And Israel has every right to defend itself. Yes, it tears me up to see the images of the wounded and dying (especially the children), but unlike most of the rest of the world, I'm angry at Hamas (and other terrorists ) for putting civilians in harms way. Thanks for posting this. Blessings!