Monday, January 12, 2009

Incredible Rex

Let me say first and foremost, Rex is not just another book about overcoming disabilities. Cathleen Lewis takes the reader on an incredible journey into what most people simply do not understand--the world of autism, blindness, and relationships for a disabled person. Truly an amazing gift the world has been given to have something written so well that the reader gains a new appreciation for all the "Rexes" in the world.

It is often said and noted that when a person is blind, deaf, or has some other disability that other parts of the body become more sensitive and somehow compensate. His parents, of course, are disappointed that their child is born blind; thinking that their precious and beautiful son is looking intently at them, but instead can't see them at all. That would rock anyone's world. Then to find that other skills are missing as well.

Rex is first taken to the Blind Children's Center where his behavior has striking contrasts of a child who can't see but also refuses to touch almost everything, and to whom noise is a terror attack to his nerves. Music being the only thing that calms the tsunami of thoughts and ideas trying to process in his mind. Ms. Lewis then begins the years of searching for what will eventually become the chains breaking on her child from what would have been a silent sentence of despair and loneliness.

I don't want to tell too much about the actual journey because that would spoil the book for the reader. It is a delightful read that keeps you turning the pages. Rex moves from lonely intolerance to a socially competent young man who is willing and desiring to share his extraordinary gift with the world.

Ms. Lewis shares a dual journey, mother and son, in finding what makes both of them whole. For Ms. Lewis it is in assisting her son to become fully integrated into the sighted world, while she found the comfort that God so fully gives. If you're interested in being a world changer, this is an excellent addition to your library. Hopefully it will add sight to your world as it did to mine.

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Tracy said...

I thought it sounded interesting when I first saw this book, but you've made it sound even better. Thank you for sharing what sounds like a very inspiring and intriguing story. Blessings!