Wednesday, January 21, 2009

As the World Watched in Joy, Hope, and Starvation

Like most of the world, I too was glued to the vistas of the inauguration of the US 44th President, Baracj H. Obama. It was also interesting to see how Kenya responded. The Daily Nation [Kenya] had some great articles both Tuesday and Wednesday regarding how they say "their Obama". The fact that they killed two bulls tells how much they love and respect the man. Two bulls are very expensive not only to buy, but also are the reproduction of more cows which is a very good industry in East Africa. So for me, it spoke volumes.

One of the sentences that struck me, however, was Kenya has now taken over America. May I say to President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga, instead of asking America to give you money or even to loan it to your country, that if you are indeed taking over America, help us pay off the debt that we borrowed to give to you. And Mr. Odinga, thank you for helping a group of Kenyans be able to witness in person the swearing in of one of your own. Thanks for helping them to see America up close and personal.

On the same page of the Daily Nation were pictures of people living in the western parts of Kenya who are literally starving to death, having the 2nd year of no crop production. The next picture were school teachers on strike--can't say I blame them. A few of my friends from Kenya have emailed me stating that the government has become very corrupt. And they voted for change. They too are looking toward a new constitution, a promise that has been on the lips of people for years--but unfortunately Kenya is still looking to try and convict those responsible for the murders and riots of last year. If they did it honestly, it would close down government altogether.

So to those who say America is under scrutiny for the change many Americans voted for, let us also be aware of the change that is happening around the world. We do not live in a vaccuum. I wonder what our own food production is going to look like this summer after seasons of floods in the midwest, a government that pays farmers to burn their crops because prices are too low, and yet others are starving to death that we say we care about.

Mr. President and members of Congress, we say we are the richest and friendliest nation on the earth, please make changes that others can believe in too. Stop burning food because of greed. Remember Joseph from the Bible, he taught the Egyptians to store up the wheat and grains for seven years so they would have when the earth would not yield. They didn't burn of destroy their food they stored it for the day that surely was to come.

Global warming would indicate that the time will come when crops won't grow; global cooling does the same thing.

Remember: Everything starts with one word and one step--make yours in the direction of success.


Sherri Watt said...

Great message!

Terri Tiffany said...

Very good! I learn so much by reading your posts--can you tell I know nothing about politics??