Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warrior Servant

I would like to introduce you to a woman by the name of Susan Pixley, who has become like a flesh and blood sister to me, but in the beginning, in her words, she tried very hard not to like me [whew]. So that just shows you that the flesh may have an idea, but the spirit is a much better guide. The reason she is another 365 Love Award recipient is her awesome dedication to service.

"The Lord has given me many gifts but I feel the most awesome is my ability to care about others. Before I had to retire, I was an administrator in a long-term nursing home. I loved my job and the biggest gift the Lord gave me was my ability to care for our residents.

I can remember one day talking with one of our pastors about what was my best moment that the Lord had given to me with our little people. I thought for only a short time and gave this answer.

I have been honored with the most wonderful gift of giving comfort and holding their hands and letting them talk as they pass from this life to our Lord. Sometimes it was only me with them because family couldn't do it or were not able to be there. I always felt no one should die alone.

One of my favorite residents was a sweet lady that at times had a horrible temper but was now dying. I sat with her for hours and she told the Lord she was sorry and asked Him to forgive her. Then she told me she was sorry and that the first thing she would tell Him was how good we were to her. I sat there and visited with her till she went to be with the Lord. I will never forget that day and how special it was and a beautiful gift from my Heavenly Father.

I've had many times like this one and for that I will always be grateful to my Lord. I have a heart for people and with God's gift my prayer will always be that with this gift I may always use it for my Lord's glory."

What an inspiration I receive, and hopefully you too, from Susan's story. I have watched her on various social media sites and always she has a kind word and patience. If you would like to join Susan on her site I know you will be welcomed with open arms, in love, peace, and always with respect. You can join her at Watchmen On the Wall

Watchmen On the Wall is a Christian social media site where you can share your testimony, learn about various subjects of religion, share recipes, blog, and chit-chat.


Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Oh my gosh God bless you! I am just in such awe of people who are able to care for others especially the elderly. It is by no means an easy job. Truly an angel!

Lynn said...

You are an awesome person and friend and christian sister.