Thursday, December 18, 2008


I would like to introduce you to a really incredible woman. The term "nice" just isn't adequate. Lynn is one of those people you meed in social media sites that is--there--you can feel her presence. Do you know people that just emit a love you as you are hormone? Well, that's Lynn. Her love of people and genuine caring about what is going on with her virtual friends is incredible.

She has been chosen for a 365 Love Award because of the qualities over the year that she has demonstrated when people have asked for prayer and/or encouragement. Her beautiful comments come at just the right time. I laughed when I found out she had been a nurse--she is truly a caretaker of the human soul. Here is a bit about her life, and for me, it made the choice very easy to give her the award. So any others that I know have disabilities, in pain and suffer greatly, but they sort of give up on life. Lynn has chosen to live beyond the expectations.

"My life has been very blessed even in the hard times. And there have been plenty of those. God saw a way out of an abusive marriage for me and helped me to raise two sons with no support. My sons are now 33 and 35 and I've remained single for 32 years. They are both Christians now. God helped me get through nursing school 23 years ago.

I found through nursing God had much work for me to do for Him. You meet many with many needs in that field of work. Some are Christians needing support and some have no faith at all and there you can introduce God to them. I have survived uterine cancer at the age of 26 and presently have lived with 6 tumors from a diagnosis called firbromatosis that ended the nursing 8 years ago.

God still uses us even if we're sick or crippled. Doctors said I should be in a wheelchair but God knew better. The doctors were shocked that over the last 8 years I keep going do9wn on the pain meds instead of going up. I can't physically handle the meds so I tell them I'll keep trusting my Lord to help me manage the pain. I have wo granddaughters that I take care of while their dad, my son is in Iraq for his second tour. I go this next Tuesday to see a new doctor at MD Anderson in Houston. So far all I've heard from the medical community is I'm inoperable with no options but to plan on being more crippled. Regardless of what he says, I believe God will heal me in good time and continue to manage me until then. Anyways this is only a shell we live in on earth, its our soul that matters."

"Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience, and longsuffering with joyfullness." Colossians 1:11

As an update since Lynn sent me her story, she has been to Houston and is now back home awaiting the doctors opinions. If favorable it would mean 5 weeks in Houston having Proton radiation treatments. If not, she will be going to the doctors in her area for mri and CT scans to follow the diagnosis and offer whatever can be done. When you think of this story and Lynn, send up a prayer on her behalf. The prayer of agreement is strong! (Matthew 18:19)


Anonymous said...

Lynn is one of those people that you can feel the love come across in any and all ways.
I have grown too care for Lynn as a true sister of mine in all ways.She is the most caring lady I have ever know.Always ready too give of herself in any way.
Lynn you and I have talked about being to gather forever and what a group of family we will be together
with our Father.
I love you sis!

Terri Tiffany said...

Wow! I was feeling sorry for myself today and then I read this story. I will be praying for her! What a wondeful testimony she has.

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

What a wonderful walking testimony for God. I pray in agreement with all my sisters for Lynn's healing and pain management until then. Bless you Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Lynn your faith, trust, and attitude are an emotional uplifting inspiration and example for me as I am going through some serious health issues. I will be praying for G-d's Will to be done since He is the greatest physician and He has everything covered. Thank you for sharing your story. Lynne Popp