Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poetess Sheila Kline ~May I Love ~

~May I Love~

When I open up my heart and allow its love to flow,

May it always flow with a love that others may know!

When I stretch out my hand towards another in need;

May it hold that which allows sincere love to take seed!

When I open my eyes to see far corners of our earth;

May I see sad souls as they pray for new love to birth!

When I see a heart that is crying as a result from pain;

May my compassion help heal it to feel love yet again!

When I walk on a day's passage of a moment in time;

May my footsteps direct me to deliver gifts thus kind!

When I see a child that needs to feel love of a mother;

May my motherly desires present this love to another!

When I see one that has stumbled, and is now so lost;

May my sense of direction anchor a spirit being tossed!

When I hear one calling out for someone to please hear;

May I realize that every call is uttered from ones dear!

When I feel music in my spirit that dances about so free;

May I share these special moments of joyful discovery!

When I gather flowers that with beauty of love do grow;

May I give them to others, as my love for them I show!

When my heart is full to the tiptop and then spills out;

May others accept it as a love sincere, without a doubt!

When I experience great love that must be given away;

May it allow another needy spirit to enjoy a blessed day!

Sheila C. Kline

A Poetess of Multiplicity


Anonymous said...

"May I Love"

Sheila,Beautiful words by a beautiful spirit.
May God continue too bless and grow your talent.diali

Godschild said...

very nice Sheila!

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Sheila and Merry Christmas...your poetic talent is one of God's great gifts gifts to you. It is wonderful to see you sowing your seed.


Lynn said...

you have a wonderful talent with words. GBY