Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love Acts of the Impromptu Party Planner

One of the ways that we seldom look at as "Love Acts" is the impromptu party planner. Yes, those dear souls who work with us in offices, on various church staffs, or family instigators. So today, the 365 Love Award goes to a person who I know personally, and have had the extreme good pleasure of tasting the outpouring of love from the perpetual spaghetti pot.

Many is the time when people were at her home, she would excuse herself and go to the kitchen. Out came the big pot and before long hot garlic bread, spaghetti that would make an Italian mama cry, paper plates and plastic forks--Let's eat!

This year, with the cutbacks at corporations, her company decided that there would not be the annual Christmas/Holiday Party. But you know, there are just times when you see your fellow workers cleaning out their desks, putting family photos in briefcases or purses, and you are grateful that you are still a survivor in the rate race of business. It is during those times that there is an unspoken need to have something to keep the momentum. Right on cue, the impromptu party planner.

Without hesitation, a December BBQ is planned. In her city is a place called Lee's BBQ, the best ribs in the country. Everybody volunteers to bring something for the table. Macaroni and cheese, broccoli coleslaw, shredded pork, cakes, pies, you name it--its coming. People from other departments ask if they can join. Nobody doesn't like a party for lunch!

When life gets depressing and there is no way around situations--the impromptu party planner has a way of making us feel good, to bring out the joy of friendship and good food. Our impromptu party planner--I affectionaly call Mother Worthey--always being a mother to somebody, better known as Ms. Candice.

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