Monday, December 22, 2008

Have You Earned The Pickle?

I have been speaking about "giving a pickle" on various sites. This came about from a friend who brought a video we watched regarding good customer service. "Give Them A Pickle" is a famous story of Bob Ferrell and his awesome ice cream parlours.

The story is told of a family who took their child to one of the Ferrell Parlours and wanted pickles for their hamburger. The guest had several people in attendance for a special birthday, and felt that the waiter should have just brought a small dish of pickles to the table. Instead, the waiter gave a hard time and told the guest that it would cost him extra; Ferrell's doesn't give them for free. Well, Mr. Ferrell had a mad customer and a good response.

"Give them a pickle, they're our guest." Why this story today?

When we think of customer service, most often it is the waiter/waitress, counter clerks at various offices and payment tellers. Right? Using the above example of Ferrell's and the giving of the pickle, it got me thinking about other kinds of "customer" service. What about our day-to-day encounters with others?

Moms and dads give service to the family, especially younger kids; employee/employer relationships, and what about the bus drivers whom we see every day and take for granted. For all of you who have served each other with kindness and sensitivity--you're earned the pickle.

If you want to have a great leadership meeting with church, organizational or whatever staff, get the video--it's really good!

Thanks Ferrell's my kids still talk about the fun birthday parties we had at your ice cream parlours! Good service to each other makes for a lifetime of wonderful memories. Challenge each person in your circle of influence today--earn a pickle!

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Tracy said...

Hi Susan! Good post - I think we forget all to often the importance of giving our best customer service to those who mean the most to us. Great reminder! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome story. I loved it. What an awesome message a "pickle" can give! Blessings to you!