Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Book Review: Think and Make It Happen

I'm sure that Dr. Cury is well respected for his psychiatric background and insights. However, "Think and Make It Happen" does not leave the reader with an uplifting or positive outlook on life. What one would imagine being an uplifting and creative book is weighed down with psychobabblish terms and over-the-top explanations.

The front of each chapter gives an overview, and the end of each chapter makes suggestions for group or personal thought. Dr. Cury suggests that the book be read and experienced over a 12-week period. He takes the reader on a journey through his own depression, while giving the reader lists of diagnostic terms and definitions. I doubt that unless the reader is a pre-med student or psychiatric intern the book will not be finished or digested as a tool to overcoming anything.

Quoting Dr. Cury in the Introduction he states, "Lest anyone consider me a pessimist, let me clarify: I seek to be a realist—I'm a psychiatrist who loves live and continuously writes about what I observe and analyze. But I am also a therapist and researcher who wants to contribute to the quality of life of my patients and society at large." And therein is part of the problem, this is a book better suited for a psychiatric journal review than a book for the person looking to be uplifted and a positive direction in overcoming for a biblical perspective of life.

Using Jesus Christ as the role model but overshadowing Jesus with Dr. Cury's own experiences in clinical terms was just too much.

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