Sunday, November 30, 2008

Practical Living Is Like a Cake Mix

I started a discussion some time in the summer over at Christian Women Take Root in a group called Practical Christianity. Its been quite a discussion, with women coming in from time to time posting their thoughts. But I think of the topic in another sense, and that is what is practical living? Period.

An analogy would be something like this: We go to the store and buy a cake mix expecting to make the perfect, yummy cake. Opening the box we find most of the ingredients and hope we have the rest of them in the cupboard or refrigerator. Practical means we checked the box for needs before leaving the store. Unfortunately, some don't.

We send out kids to school and other types of training, then wonder why they still aren't able to do anything practical in life. Now I know this doesn't speak to all kids nor all people. But let's take it as a general statement. I know a lot of people who have gone to the universities through the land and still not able to think beyond the end of their nose, let alone finger tips. Yet they are really bright! Anybody else know what I'm talking about? So here is my definition for those who fall into this category:

I know three young men who earned full scholarships to college, and yet not one of them went. Instead of college they went into the fields that they enjoy--one is a carpenter turned home builder/developer; another had a football scholarship (4 yr) he now owns a franchise for a restaurant and runs it daily; the other works on airplanes--loves it.

Practical living means we find our place, do it well, and life is good. Forcing kids and people into improbable situations only makes for frustrated employees and employers, disgruntled families and lack of motivation for the common good of all society.

You're awesome--do something that creates a positive in your life!

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