Saturday, November 29, 2008

Football for One?

What a day to be alive! Yes, today. Just think about what would not happen if your family or friends were not here, breathing and doing, and not doing? It isn't just the big things like corporate, major social events, or political. Consider this:

Who would you watch the football game with today? Would it you have the same fun experience without somebody to yell back and forth with over a touch down, or a missed catch?

  • A quiet house or a crazy house full of noise. As parents we think of the day when the noise will quiet down, then it does and we miss the noise
  • Without friends and family what would the holidays and events of your personal life be like? Would you still try to do some things out of tradition or say why bother?
  • The irritation that living with other people brings, aren't they really minor in the total scheme of things
  • Without friends and family you would be totally self absorbed and there really is only so much absorption one can handle
Family and friends is what was planned in the Garden of Eden--Sharing, caring, and encouraging each other to be the best, to try harder, and to be all that you can be.

Make a difference to those in your circle to today--they are their for your pleasure and enjoyment to encourage, to share, to care, and to cheer on your favorite team .. Have a fun day! It takes more than one.

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