Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dreams Are Never Far Away

When I wrote "Riding the Comet" the other day, I have had so many people write to me and say they too had dreams, some went out into the great beyond without being realized, but most wanted to reclaim them. What a great thought for the day!

We might not be able to bring the dream or vision to past as we had originally saw it. After all, we have changed and moved on. But it is exciting to take one of those old dreams and test the waters to see how much still flows in your veins.

Remember, our success is always under construction. Everything starts with one word and one step--point yours in the direction of success.

I challenge you today to make a list of the top three dreams that got away. Don't let present circumstances tell you "impossible". Write them down in the order of importance to you. Then what is necessary to get started? Does each one fit with the current vision?

The last one is important. I found that dreams I had as a youth and young adult still play right into the dreams and vision of today. In many ways they enhance today.

My dreams of writing, teaching, travel, philanthropy, making a difference--and yes, I also wanted to be a nurse all fit today. I'm not a nurse by the physical world terminology, but as a minister and life coach do get to help people overcome and heal those pesky internal and spiritual wounds.

What are your dreams that got away and you want them back? Go get em!

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PitChiK said...

A good friend of mine (who I haven't spoke to since he made the comment) once told me it's never too late to do anything. This is why I'm in school now. When my young friends start telling me how they don't know if they will fulfill their dreams they had growing up I tell them it's never too late to start towards those goals. Thanks for the reminder!