Monday, November 24, 2008

Bathroom Minister Healed 2nd & 3rd Degree Burns

Ever hear a story that you thought, "wow", and then saw pictures to back it up and left you speechless? Listen to this story and then see the pictures and video. It centers around a man by the name of Donald Bogen, a COGIC minister, and a life challenging event in March 2007. (COGIC= Church In God In Christ)

Donald and some other men from his church were cutting down some trees and cleaning up the property of the church, while getting ready for an event. The pile of wood was made and he said, "Okay, let's burn them." An explosion occurred and as Donald says, "they never did find the gas can".

Because of his faith in Jesus Christ, he called for those with him to bring the oil, anoint him and start praying. All of this happened while the paramedics were working on him. Suffering from second and third degree burns on this face, right side and back, his first thoughts were on God. Many people ask why would God allow such a horrible thing to happen to somebody who really believes in Jesus Christ? He will tell you it has strengthened him even more.

After months of painful recovery, Donald now has videos on giving his testimony, sharing the gospel and the God that he knows brought him through. Below are two of his videos. The first is his personal testimony of the explosion and burns.

He is a member of where he continues to share his unique way of ministering. He is known as the "Bathroom Minister". Don't let the title fool you, he has a great message.

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Sheila Kline said...

This is indeed an amazing testimony! I am blessed to be able to hear of his miracle of healing, and dedication to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Thank you so much for posting this!!