Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Is Your Brain On Joy

The first thing I liked about "This Is Your Brain On Joy" is the cover. The colors and title give hope for great inspiration inside and the reader is not disappointed. Many of the Christian television shows have had physicians and specialists on their programs speaking about how to improve the brain, how to heal the brain, but I must say they turned me off by weird concoctions to eat and drink, even though I was interested in improving brain power as we grow older or after disease and accidents.

Instead, Dr. Henslin and Dr. Amen bring a delightful infusion of understanding into the brain's functioning on all levels, they supply the necessary elements of what to eat, how to alter moods and the most common of ailments that the brain processes.

Such topics as "Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, and Good Old Southern Cooking", Stomping on the ANTs", "Cinematherapy and Support Village", have to do with a development of a healthy brain. Easy to understand do's and don't's are included, so the gues work is taken out. Or maybe you've had problems with "Sticks and Stones and Harmful Words", don't miss that chapter. It may help you help your children grow into healthy thinkers in a collapsing moral value system.

"Using the Brain System Checklist, Dr. Henslin explains what happens to the 5 Mood Centers in the brain when any one of hose areas are out of balance. This is great news, especially for those tortured by the fear that something is fundamentally wrong with them when the problem actually lies between their ears."

Joy is a trait in our life that can move mountains of problems into stepping-stones of success.
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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I was looking at the cover carefully before I read your post, trying to figure out what it was and thought it was clever. Don't you find it ironic that one doctor's name is "Dr. Amen?" Thanks for sharing about this. Sounds good. And where did the Osmonds move from? (I thought Provo or Orem was the hometown.)