Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Do Again

With their professional success and adorable twin daughters, Jess and Cheryl Scruggs looked like the perfect couple. But their polished facade concealed a widening chasm between two people unable to connect on an intimate, soul-deep level.

Like so many couples, one or both look for emotional fulfillment that leads to an affair and, finally divorce. For most couples that's the end and it is the children who really suffer in the end. But this honest and thought provoking book brings us to another possibility. After seven years, Jeff and Cheryl found themselves at the altar looking at each other with a renewed love and appreciation for their lives.

I Do Again details the fascinating real-life story of a couple whose relationship seemed shattered beyond hope until a spiritual awakening let them to reconsider their definitions of what marriage would or should look like. The fairy-tale definition was gone, the truth of what it takes for two people to blend into one and retain their individuality. Can that happen? Yes, and it takes work.

This is a riveting journey of the power of prayer and redemption, this remarkable book offers nenewed hope for even the most troubled marriages and reveals why the rewards of restoration are well worth the wait. If you know someone who is going through these challenges, or even yourself, this is definitely worth a thorough read.

Author Bio:
Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs are the founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries, and for the past several years they have shared their incredible story of a marriage restored with audiences across the mation. Jeff is an account manager with OshKosh B'Gosh and Cheryl has served as director of the Frisco, Texas, office of the Center for Christian Counseling. They live in Dallas, Texas with their two collge-age daughters.


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