Thursday, January 1, 2009

Change You Want the World to See

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."
Mohadas Gandi
How many times have you, like me and so many others, thought of something that needed to be changed and then waited for somebody else or some group to take the initiative to make the change? Certainly others can see what you do, right?

When I moved back to Buffalo, New York I looked around and saw so many things that were in need of change. Certainly the politicians and community see what I see. It's not always that easy. And I have come to acknowledge that when you see the need, it is then your assignment. You were allowed by God to see a need that you were capable of helping to fix.

So why can others discuss the need and not feel a need to become involved? People are willing to settle for what is instead of making a change to help everybody. Having skills and gifts to assist positive change, and not doing anything is like having the only oar for a boat that needs to get to shore, and not using it. The boat will then just move with the tide.

Cities and society cannot change without the people who live in it desiring a change for the better. May this new year be an experience where no matter what our political affiliations, religious traditions, or social weaving postulates, we as an individual take the initiative to make each day positive. Spread the word, one can be multiplied to the unfathomable degree of service.

Remember: Everything begins with a word and a step, point yours in the direction of success.

YOU do make a difference!


joegerstandt said...

Wonderful post, perfect for Jan 1st! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

God gives and you recieve much wisdom.
Thanks for the post.