Monday, December 29, 2008

Kid Proofed

When they were babies, we made sure that the house was "kid proofed". That means the electrical outlets are covered so little fingers can't poke something sharp inside and get hurt or start fires in the house. It means that we put dangerous products out of reach--we make the environment of our sweet babies safe. They are protected.

Than as they grow and mature, start to talk to us and talk back at us, sometimes our attitudes towards each other changes in ways that we might think to be non-fixable, totally broken with each going their separate ways. Rebellion on both sides, unwilling to give in. We have again made our homes "kid proofed".

If you are living in a house that is no longer a home, where rebellion has replaced love and acceptance, where guidance has been replaced by grudges--we need to make a change. That doesn't mean that all the rules are out the door, it means that love is unconditional. God loves us yet while we are/were in sin.

Let's not loose another child that we have loved and nurtured because of our rebellion to lead through love--unconditionally. Young people are not "proofed" they should be embraced.

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Today's Christian Mom~ said...

oh my gosh what a wonderful message for the new year. I am one to admit parenting is so hard.