Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heart of God -- India

Susan asked me to share about the projects we’re involved in through Heart of God International Ministries or to pick my favorite projects to share on her blog. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share although it’s quite difficult to pick a “favorite project”.

Heart of God International Ministries is a growing family of ministry outreaches both internationally and domestically. However, one of my greatest passions is happening in India right now … the Heart of God School of Ministry.

Last January, we launched our first phase of a new School of Ministry under the leadership of our Pastor partner in India. Being a graduate of Bible College, he felt the call to impart what he learned to pastors who oversee churches he has planted throughout the region. Because these pastors are very poor and have no means to go to Bible College, Pastor felt the Spirit of God lead him to gather these pastors together each month for three days of intense training in the Word of God.

When we were visiting with them two years ago, the vision was birthed and planning began. Within a few short months, support was raised, the syllabus was put together, and we began to make ready for the first session.

Coming from long distances, sometimes on foot, twenty-eight men, called of God and anointed for service, gather for three days each month. We purchased blankets and pillows, school supplies such as paper, notebooks, and pens, etc. The pastors sleep on the concrete floor of a church, when they have a chance to sleep.

Not only do these men gather for learning, but they spend their time in prayer—praying for their villages, the people, the sponsors who help make the School of Ministry in India possible, and most importantly, to be used to win souls to the Kingdom of God.

Nearly every month the pastors are met with great opposition from typhoons, floods, threatening persecution, high winds, etc., to prevent them from attending classes. Yet, very few have actually been prevented from coming together to learn.

This next year, the Heart of God School of Ministry will be opening its doors to more men who are called as Christian leaders in the region. The goal is for those who have already been attending the first year to begin to mentor and train those who will be beginning classes next year. All attendees will be participating in monthly village outreach into remote areas where the Gospel has not yet been preached.

Good things are going on in India despite the persecution in the neighboring State of Orissa. God has protected these pastors. I can’t help but believe it’s because of their sacrificial lifestyles—they are truly willing to lay their lives down for the sake of the cross.

Pray for the Heart of God School of Ministry in India. Pray for its leaders, its growth, and its outreaches into areas that have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for God to raise up more sponsors so more pastors can be cared for as they work diligently doing the work of ministry as they respond to the call of God on their lives.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit the website at http://india.heartofgodinternational or email me at jan@heartofgodinternational.com

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Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Susan, thank you for hosting this post from Jan. It is encouraging to hear what is going on in India with the pastors.