Sunday, December 7, 2008

Book Review - The Unseen by T. L. Hines

Power suspense writer, T. L. Hines pushes the adrenaline pump at just the right intervals to create a gasp but not cardiac arrest with well-crafted words in his latest book, The Unseen. A must read if you like a thriller that is closer to life than the fiction it purports to be.

The Unseen is a web of deceit and exploitation; exposing plots within plots of possible espionage, intrigue, government cover-up, or could it simply be a matter of greed? Hines takes the reader on a ride through the underground tunnels of Washington DC, visiting the old parts of the city, into buildings that have no registered tenants yet security at the doors. Then, of course, there are the walls behind walls revealing even more mystery as the watcher suddenly becomes the watched.

When one of the watchers, Lucas, hears something unusual in his underground home, he comes face to face with someone obviously out of place with a strange request. Lucas only wanted to be helpful and quickly get this stranger out of his domain. The red flag that went off in Lucas' mind initially but was over ridden by the desire to be helpful and most of all to prove that he was the real creeper, not this come lately stranger.

The next day, however, Lucas finds he had experienced a home invasion, and it was not the rats that also occupied the underground hamlet. Lucas begins looking for the stranger from the night before. Dishwasher by profession, with a mind that understands security, electronics, and a deep thinker prefers the shadows where he feels safe. We don't get the whole story until the very end of the book. What an ending! Electrifying from the first word to the last. Closing the book, one sits and ponders—was that really fiction?

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TL Hines said...

Hi, Susan - Thanks for reading and reviewing. And my answer to your question is: I hope it's fiction. I hate think of someone behind the walls of my house, spying on me right now. :)