Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day 2008 A Nation Says Thank You

Today is Veterans Day here in America, and I especially want to thank the veterans of foreign wars which gave their lives--literally and figuratively. Our hearts are turned towards Arlington Cemetery where the wreath to the Unknown Soldier is laid against the tomb representing so many who have fallen in the supreme sacrifice to our country. I think of those who fought both the war against a foreign enemy and those who have fought against their comrades for equality during WWII in which they were all fighting.

During Vietnam, so many of my friends in high school didn't live long enough to have a one-year anniversary of their graduation, but died on the battlefield. And those who came home but were never the same. My heart goes out to those who are suffering so much from post traumatic stress syndrome of the current Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. To some of them and their families, it is like not making it completely off the plane. Some of us do understand and pray for your lives to become whole. To those who are deployed--we love you!

I'm also old enough to remember as a child my uncle coming to say goodby on his way to the Korean War. I was too young to understand, only that he might die and not be back. My grandmother had just died so it was very scary. He did come back and for that I am very grateful. He didn't laugh and play like he had before--even as a child I knew war changed people.

My father worked in a steel plant during WWII and was drafted. He and his brother went to the enlistment center together. My uncle was taken immediately, and my father instructed to go back to the steel plant. That was more important to the war effort than him to carry a rifle. My uncle went to Camp Williams Training Grounds, trained with a wooden stick, and never shot a bullet until he was on foreign lands fighting for his life. He died there. The military didn't have enough equipment to supply the troops for training so they sent men to fight without real training. That was WWII -- we have equipment now, but wonder if the troops have enough on the foreign lands to keep them safe?

To all the moms, dads, brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, grandsons and granddaughters, wives and husbands who are currently serving my heart goes out to you. If you see my son and his buddies, give them a high-five from mom. For my friends whose sons and daughters are currently deployed--I cry with you and I'm proud of them along with the nation.

If you would like to do something nice for somebody--think of a service person today, write a letter and tell them thank you. Join with the groups of us who write, send packages through organizations and by all means, give some encouragement to those who are waiting at home. Its tough for the family on both sides of the uniform.

Pray for the leadership of the country, the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff that their decisions will be in the best interest of not only the country's safety but our family members as well. We know that we are on the edge of expanded military actions around the world. We pray that sane and level headed leaders prevail.

And no matter what the leaders do to our money --- for me it shall always be

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