Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks to Navy, Marines, Coast Guard Veterans Week

Thanks to everyone who has visited during my tribute to Veterans. It has been an exciting and interesting week for me. I found some facts I didn't know, and great discussions with friends, some of whom are currently serving around the world and others who recall their days of active service. Today, however, my thank you goes to the Navy and Coast Guard through all the wartime and peacetime surveillance of the waters of the world. Talk about having no place to run when you're in a battle.

Fleet Week in New York City is always a fun week. Going down to the harbor and Museums is a great get-away if you're a tourist or a local.

Now we know that many battles raged on the seas and the loss of lives have been many. We look at the Pearl Harbor Memorial as a tribute to WWII and being caught unawares. Those more recently on the USS Cole in the Middle East. The awesome place of PT boats during WWII and victories at sea. If there was one thing I would love to see is getting youth interested in history.

So to the men and women present and past of the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Navy Seals (you guys have my attention!) you have my Thank You today and always, along with the whole military.

Freedom isn't won in an armchair watching. It starts with people in leadership who hopefully has the right intelligence briefings to make the right decisions. War is costly in terms of body counts, shattered lives, grieving, and character. I wonder what would have happened if the soldiers who came home from WWI and WWII, even Korea would have told what really happened to them, what the real "on the ground" fighting and their experiences--would we, as a world society, allowed leadership to behave in the manner it has with the lives of our citizens?

Would we or our previous generations simply given a silent approval to the things that have now shaped our today society? Will we the current world population, go quietly into the next long night silent? Or will we speak as our Generations XYZ, have now begun to do for change and better yet, what is the change we are now headed into? Will it result into a long dark night or a brightness we cannot comprehend? Something to think about as we make decisions daily--not just for ourselves but for our neighbors and our generations.

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