Sunday, November 2, 2008

God Made Country Just For You--Where Is It?

One summer I decided to take Greyhound Bus up an offer you couldn't afford not to do--$88 cross country. The stipulation, you couldn't get off and stay in any city, except for the amount of time for either changing buses, eating or rest stops. I had never done anything like it and certainly never alone. But hey, that's the living on the outer edge writer and adventurer in me. It is also the person my family could never understand. To them everything is programmed and safe, close to home, don't wander and don't investigate. I am just so totally opposite. People who know my family or me will ask, "are you adopted or something". Gleefully, I can answer truthfully, "yes".

Getting on the bus in Buffalo, New York, I headed west, then south, east, south, and then west again. Whew! I learned to take "helmet baths". You of military or missionary experiences know what I mean. [smile] change clothes in stalls almost too small to even stand in--but it was all part of the journey.

Since about the age of 7-8 I have loved to tell stories. First it was to the kids in the neighborhood. With no props except colored construction paper, I learned to use color to express my characters and the environment they were in. The stories were a big hit. I graduated to writting stories and on the bus trip, back to verbal story telling. I laughed when I watched people rotate seats between destinations to hear the stories I would have to tell over and over until everybody had heard them.

Passengers came from all walks of life, some homeless going to warmer climates for the winter, immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana, India, and other parts of the world looking for relatives who had already made it to the free world. I loved listening to their stores as well, and started keeping journals of the trip.

While there were many places of interest, and many thatI have revisited since one stop that has stayed on my mind--Nashville, Tennessee I still want to go see the Grand Ole Opry live. As a child my grandfather and I would watch it on television every week--MiniPearl, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, all the great singers and clean humor. And let us never forget the great Patsy Cline!

The green hills, horses roaming free in pastures, it was wonderful to watch. The sounds of Nashville even during the daytime filled my head with what it would be like at night, especially on a weekend. It's still on my go back and visit list.

Even as I blog this I am listening to the below link. Although I'm about ready to get up and dance, Yeehaaa. "I'm a Ramblin Man" and other awesome tracks of Country/Western music. And yes, I used to love listening to Johnny Cash! So now the cover's off, I'm just a country girl at heart. Downhome cookin' bisquits and sausage gravy, greens, fried chicken, and iced tea. Bring it on! I have been absolutely happy in boots, jeans, and a hat--never did learn to ride a horse but hey, I'm willing to learn.

Another great place I saw before it became TBN-Trininty Music Center was the property of Conway Twitty, now it is a place of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. Beautiful and love on the outside and on the inside--don't miss it when you're in the area.

Nashville, Tennessee anytime of year is a fun, exciting, and something for everybody country! As they say, "If you're not country when you come, you will be by the time you leave."

Deborah, if you read this, you will know that when I first met you, your picture is the perfect Nashville queen! Have you noticed that each region of the world has a special "look" and you can almost tell where somebody's from. Wow, what does that say about me--I'm from the world [smile]

Hope you've enjoyed our bus trip and short layover in Tennesee. Really hope you took the time to listen to the different tracks of great music and tapped your feet a bit--its good for the soul. That's why God made country!

Tomorrow, we'll spend some time in another location with a story too good to miss! See ya'll tomorrow

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sheilakline47 said...

Oh, this is absolutely delightful!
What an exciting adventure from Buffalo, NY to my favorite place in the world - The Puget Sound!....lived in Bremerton, so I sure know the Naval base, and Mt. Rainier is majestic, and the pass coming into WA! Gotta go back there some day!
You have made so many interesting observations about life in today's post....this is a keeper that I am printing out!
Thank you so much for sharing.....I have indeed been blessed!
With hugs and lots of love,