Friday, October 24, 2008

Global Meltdown Faster Than Global Warming

Pondering today the question of how much trust do people really put in the president of any country to solve their social problems? The markets of the world, and the "common folk" that have to survive in the Global Meltdown, are on a roller coaster of emotions, financial stability. In the United States we are wondering what the new presidency and congress will look like in a few months. Will there be anything that can be changed on the economic outlook that is positive?

Over the past few years, we have been forced to listen whether we believe it or not that the planet is being destroyed because of global warming. Guess what, so are other planets who do not have our lifestyle. But that's another blog. It is, however, part of the multi-billion dollar problem for all countries at the same time of financial global meltdown.

We blog it, talk about it over breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the subways, in the barber or salons, and everybody has become an armchair quarterback. The quarterback has a big stake in the outcome of the game--so we should be discussing it and writing your representative and senators.

Now back to the questions. How much of the reports in the media do you understand and agree or disagree with?

Question 1: President Bush is about to leave office unless he calls martial law, then he can stay in office and the elections won't mean anything. Can he make a difference in the few remaining weeks as he meets with other heads of State, global finance ministers and anybody and everybody that might have an answer to a global meltdown.

Question 2: Do you believe that it the global financial crisis is a result of poor management in the United States ONLY, or was it a calculated development to manipulate the world markets?

Question 3: Is global warming any part of the mix regarding the economic meltdown?

Questions 4: Do you trust man to fix the mess, or do you trust and know God? Believing that He is sovereign? Do you believe that the current global meltdown is a judgment on mankind?

Leave a comment, please no swearing or four letter words that most of us don't like to hear. Otherwise, what ya think?


Tone said...

I believe that this is all part of what the Scripture talk about. I believe in a sovereign God that has a plan for this planet and the human race that He created. Do that mean that we are just gonna sit down and let thing happen, no. We shall live close to our God and Father and ask Him for direction and guidance each and every day. That is my "safe" place.

PitChiK said...

I think this whole situation arises from a combination of mismanagement by both the corporate giants and the government. In addition there are outside forces that weigh on the economy as well, such as the outsourcing of jobs. The "Global Warming" scare that has swept this nation is based on theory and is actually highly debated amongst serious geologists. The reports on it in the media are all taken from the same source and are usually done by the same 3-6 geologist who are known for their "dooms day" theories. Since it has caught on, the pull on the oil industry and alternative energy sources has been such as to jump start part of this economic nightmare as well.

Where does God fit in this? Well, if the Earth is heating up considerable each year, scientists have proven that the Earth "corrects" itself (i.e. God fixes what is wrong, and previously it was not "man made") and things go back to "normal" conditions. However, with these changes comes a lot of death and it sucks but if you're right with God you have nothing to worry about.

Sorry if this is kind of rambling and hard to understand.