Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updated: Constitutional Denial HR 1388

UPDATE 3/27/09:
After checking again with the government offices the bill does have the information in it but interestingly, when you call the White House information number and Senator Carolyn McCarthy's [D-NY] office, they have a different twist on the way most people have interpreted the bill. This is the way they state it.

This is not a camp in any way, but there will be three months service. The participants go to their home every night and are not allowed to serve [do their community service] in any house of worship, church, including the Salvation Army. This is a community volunteer agenda. It is much like the Pell Grants. There is some wording, however, that states there may be allowances for housing, uniforms, and food. That is a very broad stroke of the pen.

It does remind me however of when government started out with programs for people to get checked for STDs. Then it moved to youth can come without parental knowledge, and now it has turned into your parent has no rights to know your medical condition, girls can have abortions without parental knowledge. Planned Parenthood started out as a counseling center, and we know how it grew into the system it is today.

While the current law is being touted as just another form of community service to get kids to be civic minded, we the people should read the bill carefully. Some of the language lends itself to add-ons without another congressional vote.

By the way, the first link below is known by the Senator's office and states there are many errors in the link below for without going into specifics.

Some of my questions: if a soup kitchen is run by the Salvation Army or any other religious group, does that mean someone can't give community service? According to the Senator's office, No, they can't. In previous programs such as this current program, churches and other religious institutions were able to receive help from the volunteers--that is now cut out. Also no flyers to Pro-Life [assume Pro-choice as well], no protests, etc. The no going to church and worship would simply mean you can't go to church on your alloted time to volunteer such as a shift or schedule.

Hopefully this will answer some of the questions, and put to ease some of the more horrific conversations we have had on this HR 1388. But bear in mind, what the government starts with always sounds innocent and fluffy...but the outcome is very different from the origin.


Congress is moving at a very fast pace, and interestingly there is very little public outrage over a bill before Congress. It has already passed the House and on its way to the Senate for approval. We the people are being stripped of our Constitutional freedoms in HR 1388.

Below will be several links for you to look at and consider calling your senator or house representative and let them know your position on this very serious matter.

This is just one section of the bill, but note NO worship or service(s) in reverence to God will be "tolerated". NO religious instruction, NO facility to worship or receive instruction at the camps. But they will be indoctrinated in service to the state. In its current version, it is a willing participation, but this is not the end of the story. Read on ...

(7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytization.

In its current version, this youth directive or camp is not mandatory. However, President Obama has made no secret of the fact that he desires and will make it mandatory that all people young, middle, and seniors will be required to do "mandatory volunteerism". On the second link below, is the Open Congress website, where the bill can be read in its entirety, as well as any amendments, charts as to voting, and those in congress that people are following in regard to this bill.

Americans are urged to take this seriously, it is believed that this is the test bill prior to mandatory regulations. If you value the Constitution, your religious freedoms, and authority over your children and family, you are urged to contact your Senator before this vote is taken. And then call your House Representative and let them know what you want them to do. Yes, this vote may have already been taken, but a more sinister and mandatory one is in the making. We have been forewarned in campaign speeches and recently that change is coming and not necessarily those that are family healthy.
This has full text of the bill ...

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Anonymous said...

Thinks for all the links.
I'm going too call and send emails today.

Susan Storm Smith said...

In response to the numerous personal and ministry emails received on this subject, let me say a word or two:

The wording in this bill is very upsetting and should set off all kinds of bells and alarms, shooting up red flags. First of all, why the wording of no religious instruction, facilities to worship, and no protests against the government, etc. if there were not planned facilities.

The wording also includes allotments for uniforms, food, and lodging ... what is that? a take out order? Watch the language that is coming through in the bills.

We already know that the current president has an eye on everybody having community service, no problem with that to a point. However, when it becomes demanded and no longer voluntary that's a short step from many other things called socialism.

Any freedom in the US Constitution that is denied to the citizens should sound alarms, not a deer in the headlight look.

Become informed and act accordingly. Just like the war on drugs on the US/Mexico border. Be watchful for what freedoms will soon be demanded stopped for our "safety".

Anonymous said...

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